Make your ESP as smart as your campaigns
Select and customize your technology to support your strategies

Once your email campaign strategies are defined, we’ll power up your technology to make those strategies work smoothly.
The first critical step is selecting the right ESP.

Once you’ve selected o your ESP, we’ll look at every aspect of how it can best support your email campaigns – and your entire business.

We’ll help you select and customize your ESP and other technology solutions. We can also develop proprietary technology that makes all of your systems more useful and more powerful.

Technology consulting can include:


    • Data & Account Architecture
    • Integrations with multiple ESPs to Adobe Omniture, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, custom data structure
    • Advanced Email Proxy Creation
    • Advanced Audience Segmentation
    • Complex Dynamic Content Rules & Creation
    • Custom Profile Center & Integration
    • Advanced Reporting with SQL

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