Tailor your email technology
Your ESP is only as powerful as its customization.

At the enterprise level, even a sophisticated ESP won’t achieve all of your goals out of the box. You’ll need to customize it. At ClickMail, that’s our sweet spot.

A properly customized ESP will deploy the sophisticated strategies you need to capture value from your data. And it will integrate seamlessly with your other critical business systems


Here are some of the most important ways we tailor your ESP precisely to your business:

Build a high-performance data structure

Leverage your data for segmentation, content generation, email automation and analytics

Integrate your ESP with your other systems

Ensure the data in your systems is up-to-date and synchronized with your ESP

Advanced Segmentation

Email the right people

Automate your campaigns and transactional messages

Email the right content at the right time with great efficiency

Design your Preference Centers

Allow your customers to define the email experience they really want

Analyze and optimize your emails campaigns

Visualize your data. Get the insights you need to optimize your campaigns, fast.

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