Deeper Understanding Faster Optimization
Powerful data visualization for ExactTarget

eMVision is an email analysis and optimization solution specifically developed for ExactTarget. It’s powered by Tableau Software, the leader in data visualization.


Why use eMVision?

Get deeper insights – fast
  • See the trends that drive your business through beautiful, fully interactive dashboards that show you what really matters
  • Conduct analyses in minutes that typically take hours, days – or even longer.
Optimize your ExactTarget campaigns
  • Save your dashboards in Tableau, then click on any data to instantly push it back into ExactTarget.
  • Retarget and optimize existing campaigns and define new, high-performing programs.
Visualize data from other business systems in a single view
  • Point and click integration of ExactTarget data with other systems such as: eCommerce, CRM, social media, web analytics and more.

The more you use eMVision the smarter your reports get – and the better your email performs.

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